“I was first introduced to Shiatsu by a friend who asked if I would be willing for my pony Herbie to be used for Shiatsu practice as part of Amanda’s training. As I’m always open to trying new therapies I jumped at the chance and haven’t looked back. Due to him being a rescue I have very little knowledge of his past but when he came to my yard he soon became known as being a recluse and would stand alone in a field not mixing with the other ponies and generally being down in the dumps.

After his first Shiatsu session he transformed. As soon as we let him out into his field he joined the rest of the herd and started running around. He was even seen grooming the others and being groomed himself.

From that day I have made sure he has regular Shiatsu sessions to help him stay happy and healthy.

He recently had a riding accident and had to go on box rest. This made him quite miserable and so Amanda came out to do a mini session to cheer him up. It worked amazingly and he really perked up. The vet also commented on the speed of his recovery which I put down to Shiatsu working wonders throughout the whole body.

I thoroughly recommend it as a therapy to try.”

Kate – Goudhurst, Kent

“Amanda has been seeing my horse Ollie for three years now, and the results have spoken for themselves. He used to be easily spooked by the slightest thing but after his first Reiki session I noticed how he was so much calmer and less spooked when out hacking.

As his confidence grew he started to want more hands-on work and now enjoys a mixture of Shiatsu and Reiki sessions and has become a confident, happy horse who whinnies every time Amanda arrives and immediately melts into her hands, relaxing completely until he decides the session is over!

Although I don’t understand either Reiki or Shiatsu I can’t recommend them enough as a way to help your horse stay happy and healthy.”

Sarah Symonds – Great Bookham, Surrey

“My old mare Pepper is 30 years old and has suffered from arthritis for many years. Since starting Shiatsu, her stiffness has subsided and she seems to have found a new lease of life. I love the way Amanda leaves me with little techniques and things I can do in between sessions to prolong the good work.

Not only do I feel Shiatsu has helped Pepper, the ‘homework’ Amanda gives me has really strengthened the bond I have with her. It also makes me stop and relax myself rather than just rushing around trying to get the usual stable chores done.

I thoroughly recommend Amanda who has a fantastic way of connecting with the horse and also makes me as an owner feel valued and part of a team.”

Laura Williams – Guildford, Surrey

“Hi Amanda, … I thought you’d like to know that Oscar chased 3 rabbits yesterday & 2 rabbits & a cat today….(!) We haven’t seen him do this since before we lost our other dog TJ nearly 2 years ago. Whatever it is you have been doing seems to be working miracles! Many thanks again!”

Dog Reiki client – Eversley, Hampshire